Nottingham, United Kingdom

October 2015


Mane and I went to grad school together. People often call her "Main," but it's actually "MON-Aay." She comes from an Armenian family and grew up in Russia. Aside from having the same degree, we have almost nothing in common!  I mean, we really differ on almost everything* - our backgrounds, ideas about politics, social issues, movies we like, and even taste in food (she adores sweet things adorned with strawberries; I can’t abide by fruit).

And yet, we got along ridiculously well. She became one of my constant companions. When together, we were always laughing and having a great time.

I could have written her off and challenged her views like I have with so many people in the past. Somehow on this occasion, the stars aligned and our differences were never an impediment to our friendship. And I learned how genuinely you can enjoy someone that never has the same opinion as you.

I loved working with Mane on projects - my tendency to be methodical and thoroughly calculated before sharing ideas was wonderfully offset by Mane’s fearless ability to burst with endless flows of whatever idea popped into her head. Plus Mane is someone you want on your team and can trust. She will always show up and put in the work, which counts for a lot. And she's insanely good-humored with just about everything.


Miss you Mane. When you visit LA, I will treat you to as many gorgeous strawberry desserts as you can handle.


*The one major thing we had in common - high tolerance for frivolous pursuits to amuse ourselves. Despite dealing with the intensely perfectionistic director that I was, Mane was more than happy to shoot take after take, as we created glorious Snapchat stories that hopefully none of you will ever see.