People I Know is a collection.

The concept is pretty simple - I take pictures of people I know.

I started taking these portraits back in 2013. I always liked taking pictures of people -  I see life as a fascinating story, and a portrait preserves a tiny piece of that. Up until now, I have been hoarding these little stories and keeping them for my own enjoyment.

Now I have decided to share this collection. For in these troubling times, I have become increasingly disturbed by the ignorance that creates a culture where not everyone feels welcome and safe. The current climate, particularly in the political arena, have caused me to succumb to all manner of grief - including disbelief, sorrow, anger, and even despair.

It’s hard to fathom how so many people can be indifferent toward people they don't see as their own. It’s also super awkward when people around me support leaders who want to make life difficult for immigrants, and don’t seem to realize that I am one. I think people often just don’t make the connection.

Now rather than despair, I realize that much of my values come from my own privilege of having met so many diverse people. I believe that if people who hold harmful beliefs about others had the same privilege, they would think differently. 

This collection is my way of honoring the lives of those I have encountered. I want to celebrate the little things about people that I find delightful, and I hope to share a part of that feeling. 

So I hope you enjoy these little stories.

And I hope you will enjoy getting to know the people I know.